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Japan, Nipon, very unique indeed. This can be one of the most expensive places to live (in the world!) but don't let that discourage you. This is a country like no other, and once you live here, you may just want to stay a very long time (I sure did!). There are downfalls of course, but watch some of the videos, talk to some people, and consider taking a risk.


This Canadian tells a candid story about living in Japan including trains, society, ways Japanese deal with foreigners, exercising, & living in the countryside. There is an interesting duality expressed, especially after 8 years in Japan. I find his information very accurate. If you plan to go, note the importance of making some good friends that you can relate to.


Want to learn more about teaching abroad?


Kevin, an American English teacher turned writer discusses visa concerns and information regarding other jobs besides teaching English and academic visas. He seems like he is enjoying his life in Japan.


More helpful information on visas. If you want to learn more, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


This teacher, with 10 years experience, talks about some techniques he uses to teach kids successfully, including using food and puppets with a dramatic style. He goes on to mention some cultural elements of Japan.


A documentary that goes through a full day of a teacher's life (Matt) in Japan. This is long (37 mins.) so you may want to watch when you have some extra time. This video does give quite a lot of insight and I think you will find it informative. Matt has a great attitude and you will see how teaching can be a lot of fun-he is definitely having a good time. Also, the JET program is often recommended if you want to teach in Japan-give it a look!

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