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  North American pronunciation of the sounds: I, r, d, ð TH, f, æ, n, t, & k while using the sentence "I heard the fish here is fantastic" as an icebreaker.  















Listening, vocabulary, & phrases.

This video features Internet sites Tagxedo and Lumosity, two very interesting "tech" sites.

A free ESL, EFL lesson follows. Learn about technology and improve your English skills.















  Some of the students from EnglishMeeting Courses speak with Dave to work on their English skills.

The students in this broadcast represent these countries:

Russia, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, Peru, and the United States














  North American pronunciation of the sounds:

th (ð), f,i, I, z, g, u, d, & r

while using the sentence "The coffee's good here" as an icebreaker.














  Many issues of the cultural divide discussed including:

connecting with natives, feelings of sadness, anxiety, & depression, understanding one's self, country history affecting culture, "when in Rome..." and more.














  A proactive language learner doesn't wait for someone to tell them to do something - they speak to people in English because they know it will help them advance their language skills.

This video shows ways to start conversations even if you are a very, very shy person.















special video!

pronunciation /w/
short film

presents issues of language learners and teaches more on the /w/ sound

  Grammar video:

indicating possession
  Pronunciation - Make it work for you

Some ideas here that can help you learn and maintain pronunciation skills

Pronunciation 6 "SH"

Many people may think they pronounce this sound correctly, but in fact don't. Getting comfortable with the mouth position is key, along with changing your brain's habit.


Greeting someone Part 2

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Improve your English skills with this ESL video lesson. You can feel confident when you meet others - anywhere, anytime!

low to advanced

  Greeting someone:
not only what to say, but HOW to say it! This English / ESL lesson includes important information for greeting someone (saying hello) properly and how to start a conversation. Make a good first impression on people you meet with this helpful lesson.
Casual through formal forms are explained as well as intonation and feeling.

low to advanced
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This English lesson explains several ways to use two words: objective and want. Idiomatic forms are also explained.

low to advanced


Pronunciation 5 " TH "

One of the more difficult sounds to make properly is the "th" sound. You may feel strange with this mouth position, but I will help you get it right! Please watch this lesson several times a week until you can make the sound without thinking about it. I hope you enjoy this English pronunciation lesson!


Pronunciation 4 / I /

This English / ESL lesson is on the vowel sound / I /. This is pronounced with a short and low sound.

Use this lesson with the video below on the sound /i/ for practicing the differences.

Remember to make practicing fun for yourself so that you keep your motivation high. I don't want you to give up. Laugh and smile when you work!

  Pronunciation 3 / i /

This esl / English pronunciation video focuses on the vowel sound ( /i/ as in key, meet, eat etc.) at the beginning, middle, & end of words, along with sentences.

Remember the importance of mouth position and exaggeration!


Pronunciation 2 - Vowel Sound (last, after)

This esl / English lesson can help you stretch your vowel sound properly and show you the correct mouth position for practicing.
Using clear pronunciation can make you stand out from the crowd and benefit your life in many ways. Take some time to practice with me and enjoy the process!


Shoutcast part 2 – downloading the media player

This esl / English lesson focuses on listening, speaking, vocabulary, phrasing, reductions, & pronunciation. There are previews and quizzes included to help you retain the information.

Enjoy the learning process with this EnglishMeeting video!



Also watch the Shoutcast 2 EnglishMeeting video lesson (above).

Use this English lesson to improve your speaking skills.

Pronunciation can be fun to learn, and with consistent practice, you can be speaking much more clearly. A clear speaker of English has more opportunities and feels confident in life.

Have fun practicing!


Air Force One

Learn about Air Force One, watch a test flight of a new aircraft, & improve your speaking, vocabulary, & listening, with this ESL / EFL / English lesson. Watch Dave speak at the Pentagon. You just might have a laugh too!





Shoutcast - Listen to your favorite music!

Technology can be fun & exciting. It is also quite necessary in today's world. This ESL / English lesson will help you with your English skills while teaching you about some technology that can make your life more enjoyable. Life is better with music, isn't it?


The Famous Rose Parade in Pasadena, California. More exciting than it sounds!

Enjoy improving your English / ESL skills by watching this video lesson from the famous Rose Parade. This episode contains quizzes, colorful pictures, music, and video.


"Doors" have many meanings- deep, very deep.

Click to the right & watch my first video lesson. This lesson has interactive quizzes, music, pictures, and some video. You will improve your English skills and learn how to paint a door. Have fun!


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Lesson: Doors
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